Course Description

        Course  Description

A course guaranteed to get you getting past gatekeepers consistently first time.

You’ll get immediate and exclusive access to an invaluable resource consisting of five online classes covering:

  • The Roles and Types of Gatekeeper
  • How to Keep Control of Your Call
  • My Strategies for Success
  • It's HOW you say it - not what you say
  • How to Leave a Voicemail That Creates Interest

Each class comes with AUDIO EXAMPLES and handouts that will help you refine your technique and make sure you have the tools to beat even the fiercest of gatekeeper.

Not only that, you will also get access to my 14 Ideal responses 'word for word 'cheat sheet' to gatekeeper questions [valued at £250] within class 4.

 FREE email support for 30 days.

Telephone Techniques Trainer in Sales, Employer Engagement & Customer Service

Audrey Bodman

Hi there, I’m Audrey Bodman, founder and trainer of Outshine Ltd, a telephone training company born out of my passion for developing individuals serious about building relationships and securing more training and job opportunities for the customers they work on behalf of.I've been delivering training and coaching for over 25 years within many sectors which include business to business, skills and welfare to work. I’ve spent over 20 years phoning receptionists, perfecting my gatekeeper strategy. I’ve also worked on the other side, training receptionists how to stop what they perceive as sales people from getting through. With my dual perspective, I can reveal how to smash through the most common obstacles and share my experience of what works and what doesn’t.You can find out much more about me on my LinkedIn profile online resource is specifically aimed at those who work within a sector aimed at helping individuals get back into work or training.  If you are a welfare to work organisation, work based learning, private training company or social care I guarantee you'll find the contents relevant. I do trust you'll find the content extremely useful.  Please scroll down to see if this course is right for you.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome & Introduction

    • Welcome from Audrey Bodman

    • Getting Started

  • 2

    Session 1 - The role of the Gatekeeper and types you may encounter

    • Class 1 - The different roles & types of Gatekeepers

    • The Roles Of The Gatekeeper [Handout]

    • Different Types of Gatekeeper [Handout]

  • 3

    Session 2 - How to remain in control of your calls

    • Class 2 - Stay in Control

    • Poor Example [Audio]

    • Good Example [Audio]

    • Audio transcripts + Trainer feedback

    • 'When You Don't Have A Name' - [Handout]

  • 4

    Session 3 - Core Elements & Strategies for Success

    • Class 3 - Core Elements & Strategies for Success

    • Core Elements & Strategies [Handout]

  • 5

    Session 4 - How to say it right!

    • Class 4 - It's not what you say, it's the way that you say it.

    • 14 Responses To The Most Common Gatekeeper Questions + Trainer Feedback [Handout]

    • When you don't have a name - Poor Example [Audio]

    • When you don't have a name - Good Example [Audio]

  • 6

    Session 5 - Tackling Voicemails

    • Class 5 - Leaving a Voicemail

    • Do's and Dont's for leaving a Voicemail [Handout]

    • Example Voicemail - {27 Seconds} - [Audio]

    • Example Voicemail - (36 Seconds) - [Audio]

    • Example Voicemail - (24 Seconds) [Audio]

    • Varying the Length of Your Voicemail - 3 examples [Handout]

  • 7

    Bonus Audio Content For Further Confidence

    • When You Don't Have A Name - Poor Example [Audio]

    • When You Don't Have A Name - Good Example [Audio]

    • When You Don't Have A Name - Audio Transcripts [Handout]

    • No Name Company Policy - Poor Example [Audio]

    • No Name Company Policy - Good Example [Audio]

    • No Name Company Policy - Audio Transcripts [Handout]

  • 8

    Session 6 - Internal Training Session - Share BEST practice

    • Agenda [Half day session]

    • Step by Step Session Plan [including timings]

    • Slides to support session

  • 9

    Handouts & Audios for Internal Session

    • Handout 1 - The Roles

    • Handout 2 - The 4 Types

    • Handout 3 - Multi-Choice Questionnaire Exercise for Learner

    • Handout 3 - Multi-Choice Questionnaire Exercise for Trainer [with answers]

    • Handout 4 - Audio Transcripts for Good and Poor Examples

    • Handout 5 - Core Elements & Strategies

    • Audio - Poor Example HC

    • Audio - Good Example HC

    • Form - Monitoring Form for Live Gatekeeper Session