How to CONFIDENTLY get past gatekeepers

taught by Audrey Bodman
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Audrey Bodman
Audrey Bodman
Telephone Techniques Trainer in Sales, Employer Engagement & Customer Service

About the instructor

I’m Audrey Bodman, founder and trainer of Outshine Telephone Training & Resources. 

For over 25 years I’ve helped organisations in a range of industries do better business over the phone. 

With a background in getting individuals back into work and training I'm  here to help YOU get even better results when making calls to employers.

This will help you:

  • Open calls confidently when speaking to decision makers
  • Remain in control of every single call you make
  • Anticipate questions and prepare effective answers
  • Comfortably handle objections
  • Ask questions that encourage employers to talk
  • Close calls and gain commitments consistently
  • Know how to 'follow up' calls correctly
  • And much more

This programme comes with a 1 hour coaching session with Audrey Bodman.

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        Course  Description

A course guaranteed to get you getting past gatekeepers consistently first time.

You’ll get immediate and exclusive access to an invaluable resource consisting of five online classes covering:

  • The Roles and Types of Gatekeeper
  • How to Keep Control of Your Call
  • My Strategies for Success
  • It's HOW you say it - not what you say
  • How to Leave a Voicemail That Creates Interest

Each class comes with AUDIO EXAMPLES and handouts that will help you refine your technique and make sure you have the tools to beat even the fiercest of gatekeeper.

Not only that, you will also get access to my 14 Ideal responses 'word for word 'cheat sheet' to gatekeeper questions [valued at £250] within class 4.

 FREE email support for 30 days.

Course Contents

6 Videos
1 Text
19 PDFs
13 Audios
1 Download

Course Curriculum